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The safety of our fans, staff and artists is our first priority. The Producers are taking every precaution to make sure that everyone within our events feels safe and comfortable.


We will be adhering to the CDC social distancing guidelines and cleanliness. Every concert we produce will meet or exceed the New Jersey and CDC recommendations.

We want every individual at our events to feel safe while enjoying wonderful live performances again!

the setup

Parking Setup5.png
  •  All tickets will be pre-sold via TicketWeB. There will be no availability to purchase tickets on-site. Once tickets are purchased, an email will be sent out the week prior to the show reminding the ticket holder of the safety protocols. Please be sure to share the safety protocol email with the other guests in your party.

  • Each parking aisle will be marked by Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 to define the parking sections that will coincide with the mark on the windshield – Vehicles will be parked 8’ away from one another.

  • Each vehicle will be marked with a “paint marker” on the windshield as to the field section that was purchased. This alerts the field parking personnel which section to park each vehicle eliminating the need for person to person interaction.


  • Prior to showtime, announcements will be stated to the audience through the event PA system.

  • Once in the parking/concert field, guests will see a sign that will show the parking & tailgating set up. 


  • Upon entry to the Sussex County Fairgrounds, the ticket scanning personnel will be at the driver’s window. All vehicle occupants are required to be wearing masks in order for the tickets to be scanned.

  • Upon entry, each guest will be given a color-coded wristband that will designate the section that they are supposed to stay in. This will enable security to have guests stay in the sections that they purchased.


  • All guests are required to wear masks at all times when they are away from their tailgating and car space.

  • All staff is required to wear masks at all times. This includes security, restroom attendants, the traffic / parking crew, cleaning crew, and roaming “Social Distancing Security”.


  • There will be roaming “Social Distancing Security” that will remind guests that are not wearing masks, to “mask up” when they are not in their designated spaces.

  • Masks are to be shown upon entry.

  • If you need to leave your vehicle, masks are required.


  • The state of New Jersey has a CDC mask policy in effect, we will have a zero-tolerance policy on this, and no one not following the guidelines for masks, and social distancing will be asked to leave along with their party, without a refund. 

  • Your entire party is required and expected to act responsibly and stay in your assigned space for your car and party unless visiting an approved area (i.e. restrooms) where social distancing must, and will, be enforced.




  • Restrooms will be spaced at a minimum of six to eight feet away from one another.

  • Restrooms will have socially distanced lines marked and separated by caution tape.

  • There will restrooms at the end of each row. Each group of restrooms will have a sanitizing attendant continually cleaning and sanitizing each of the restrooms before, during and after each event. 

  • The continual cleaning will occur from the time that the gates open and guests are on-site, until the last vehicle leaves the site.

  • Each restroom is equipped  with hand sanitizer stations.

  • Outside each group of restrooms will be two hands-free wash stations that are equipped with hand sanitizer.

  • The backstage area will have restrooms and wash stations specifically used by the talent and staff.


  • Our working staff will submit to a temperature check upon arrival and will receive a pre-shift health screening. ALL staff will be required to wear PPE at all times with a strict zero-tolerance policy. Any staff with symptomatic red flags or a failure to comply with these rules will be asked to leave and will be replaced for their work shift.


  • while we are taking every precaution including following the cdc, state, and local government guidelines to ensure your safety, we ask that you do not attend if you are experiencing any symptoms related to covid-19.

  • Additionally, all patrons assume all risks, hazards, and exposures, including covid-19 or any other communicable disease that may occur by attending and hereby waive all potential claims against str entertainment llc, jamfam productions, Blue Note Entertainment Group and TicketWeb related to such.

  • Accordingly, by entering the venue, you, knowingly and freely, assume all such COVID-19 related risks, both known and unknown, relating to your entry into the venue and your participation/attendance in this live event. And, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, you and your heirs, successors and assigns, hereby forever release, waive, relinquish, and discharge str entertainment llc, jamfam productions, Blue Note Entertainment Group and TicketWeb, along with its parent(s), subsidiaries, affiliates, licensees, successors and/or assigns, including without limitation, their respective officers, agents, employees, or other representatives (collectively, the “Representatives”), from any and all COVID-19 related claims, demands, liabilities, rights, damages, expenses, and causes of action of whatever kind or nature, and other losses of any kind, whether known or unknown, foreseen or unforeseen, (collectively, “Damages”) as a result of your entry to this venue and participation of this live event, including but not limited to personal injuries, death, disease or property losses, or any other loss, and including but not limited to claims based on the alleged negligence of any Representative(s) or any other person related to COVID-19 sanitization. You further promise not to sue the Owner,str entertainment llc, jamfam productions, Blue Note Entertainment Group and TicketWebor any of their Representatives and agree to indemnify and hold them harmless from any and all Damages resulting from your contraction of COVID-19.

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